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Radar RL360

Radar / Laser Detection

K40 RL360

K40 RL360 Radar Detector System

  • 360 Protection
  • Ticket Free Guarantee
  • 3-Year Warranty
  • Completely Hidden Installation
  • Use GPS to mark locations
  • Turn any band on or off

You've heard of it, you've read about it, we have it. The RL360 combined with an EX-2 Defuser is the most advanced radar detection system available. For those looking for the ultimate in protection without any sacrifice to the cosmetics of your interior, this is the system for you. The RL360 also has the ability to turn any band on or off which makes it an ideal system for higher end vehicles such as Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, etc equipped with radar guided cruise control.

K40 RL200 Radar Detector

K40 RL200 System

  • Ticket Free Guarantee
  • 3-Year Warranty
  • Completely Hidden Installation
  • Customizable Settings

The RL200 is very similar to the RL360 with the exception of the rear detection. The RL200 is forward facing so if you are not concerned with threats from the rear, the RL200 is the perfect system for you.

K40 RL100 System

K40 RL100 Portable System

  • Easy to take from car to car
  • Mark locations by GPS
  • Turn any band on or off
  • Displays your speed and direction

Don't let the compact size of the K40 RL100 fool you. It still has the ability to pick up all of the radar and laser bands and also adds the convenience of being able to use it in any vehicle. Great protection at a reasonable price.